J.O. Spice Company Inc.
WANTED: Largest Blue Crab
Rewards:   1st Prize ~ $150.00 & $100 of J.O. Products
              2nd Prize ~ $100.00 & $50.00 of J.O. Products
                   3rd Prize ~ $50.00 & $25.00 of J.O. Products
1) Must be presented FROZEN or ALIVE to J.O. Spice Co.
2) Must be MALE.
3) In case of tie both crabs will win.
4) All entries must be made by 11/30/12.
5)Winning entries are determined by an independent company.
6) Size will be determined by an independent company.
7) The crab will be mounted and become property of the J.O. Spice Co.
*If you have any other questions or comments, Please call or e-mail us and we will be happy to assist you!
Here are Photo's from 2008's Crab Contest Displays: