J.O. No. 2 "Crab House Spice" Buckets

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J.O. No. 2 "Crab House Spice" - A ready mix that is a custom blend of spices and salt which adheres to the crab. This blend allows for uniform portions to be applied to crabs. It saves time and you get it right every time. A true Chesapeake Bay flavor. Add after you boil or before you steam. For use on Blue, Dungeness, King and Opilio Crabs.

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My family has always used your spice for crabs
Anthony G. (Deptford, New Jersey) 5/30/2017 9:15 PM
My family has always used your spice for crabs, many family members have since passed on but enjoying crabs with your spices always allows me to relive all those special crab nights with family and friends
This is the one that the restaurants use!
Thomas Ross (Quitman, AR) 9/5/2016 12:43 AM
This is the one that made me put down the "Old Bay" seasoning, and I think if you try it, chances are you just might do it too!
Great Crabs in Texas
Ron McElhose (Port Arthur, Texas) 4/28/2016 9:41 AM
Not a well known secret, but Maryland crabs often come from Texas! We get them here very cheap and JO is the best seasoning ever! We pick a couple of tubs every time we visit our family in Baltimore! JO is also great on Crawfish! We buy the big containers and fill up our small spice containers so we always have some in our cars when we travel around!
Excellent Crab Seasoning
Allyson Harter (Mount Pleasant, SC) 7/6/2013 2:52 PM
I am originally from Baltimore Maryland but now live in the "Low Country" (Charleston, SC). There are not a lot of places that steam crabs, so my husband steams them for me. This seasoning is perfect for Blue Crabs!
No subsitute for perfect
Jack Baerwald (Clarkton, NC) 6/4/2013 9:52 AM
Being a B'more expat I really missed my steamed shrimp and crabs. everything down here is boiled. On my first trip back home I loaded up on all my JO favorites, now I am the "Steam King" and people who try my Maryland style crabs and shrimp have made me the talk of the town, they all want to know what my secret is and I tell them it all starts with JO Spices. One good thing down here is I get #1 jimmies live for around $12 a dozen so we have crabs all the time. Also whenever I talk to the local seafood suppliers I make them aware of your products, this would be a great market for you. Thanks for keeping home close.